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The most popular songs (11)
"The most popular songs" - a collection of great modern music, which sounds on the waves of European radio stations. Awesome music tracks that will appeal to all those who love the cheerful dance tunes. Good music, which certainly lift your spirits. Make the sound louder and enjoy the best pop hits
Mega hits good mood (11)
"Mega hits of the good mood" - includes only the best and good music tracks that are constantly heard on radio. Only the most positive song that always cause only positive emotions. This music suitable for a workout and meeting with the best friends.
Hot club disco (18)
"Hot club disco" - a new collection of great dance music that sounds in the coolest clubs around the world. Only the lethal hits from the DJs, which is simply impossible to sit still! Throw a great party with your friends!
Weekend Dance Mix (16)
"Weekend Dance Mix" - for a chic summer discos are needed not less elegant dance music that will get everyone around. These are the hits collected for you in a new collection. Great music, which cheerfulness, joy and positive. The best dance tracks from these international stars
Hard Rock Blow (16)
"Hard Rock Blow" - an excellent collection of classic rock that is sure to satisfy all lovers of good music. Real loud hits that you can listen to always and everywhere, getting a lot of positive emotions. Download and enjoy great music
Poppy drive (12)
"Pop drive" - a great new collection of modern hits from the most famous Russian and foreign artists. Download this latest collection of hits and turn the volume on full blast! You will immediately recharge with positive energy and good mood! Summer will continue!!
Energy club dance floor (15)
"The energy of a club dance floor" - a new collection of trendy dance electronic music that sounds only in the coolest clubs around the world! The best music tracks from DJs. A sea of energy and good mood! Turn up the volume and rock out to the fullest!
Hot Songs Of The Season (16)
"Hot Songs of the Season" - dance music, if you listen to it in the morning, you will charge cheerfulness and positive for the whole day. Enjoy the collection and put it on full volume. Chic dance tracks from top artists from around the world. Cheerful fashionable music tracks which are impossible not to dance
Hot Track Season (10)
"Hot Track Season" - a great new collection of the most popular songs of this summer. Cool foreign tracks that are constantly heard on radio and occupy the highest ranks in various charts. Probably turn this collection at full volume and have a sea of positive emotions
Stylish pop hits (11)
"A stylish pop hits" is a very cool and positive selection of foreign hits, which is exactly like the people for whom style is very important. Cool foreign hits of the last time from the coolest and famous showbiz stars! Make up the volume and enjoy!

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In the collection 3862 collection
Songs for children (376)
Children's New Year Songs, Children's songs
Songs of 90's years (130)
Sergei Minayev, Old Primus, Bill Medley & Jennifer Warnes, Angelo Badalamenti,-On-a-Deserted beach
Rousing songs (45)
Velile & Safri Duo, Pacito, Mitya Fomin, Little Richard, Mr. President, Dj Aligator & Dr.Alban
Songs of the 80-ies (62)
London Symphony Orchestra, AC/DC, Blue Shoes
Great songs (34)
Song of K/f Step up 3, Tree, W. A. Mozart, Dan Balan, Duck Sauce
Songs in the car (4)
Aria, Michael Circle, Air, Stevie Ray Vaughan & Double Tr, Chizh & Co, Tito & Tarantula
New songs 2014 (14)
Vintage, Reflex, Denis Maydanov
Just a beautiful song (17)
Garou, Barbara Streisand, Bianca, Beethoven, Song, instrumental
Romantic songs (35)
Hooverphonic, boombox, Eric Clapton, George Michael, Nazareth, Vanessa Paradis
Top foreign hits 2017 (12)
Want to get a great mood? Rather then swing and turn up the volume a new collection of "Top foreign hits 2017". It collected only the best hits of the last time that are constantly heard on our radio stations and radio stations of Europe. Gorgeous music tracks, dance tunes and romantic melodies
New songs 2012 (141)
Serebro, Shima (Shyma), DJ Michelangelo ft. Katya Bagl, Ramkila DJ, Javi Reina, Alex Guerrero feat, Degrees
Songs from the TV series "Olga" (3)
A compilation of songs that can be heard in the new series on TNT Olga
Sad songs (21)
Galina Homchik, Beethoven, Nike Borzov, Deep Purple, Tattoo, Dolphin
Top 20 on channel TNT Music (6)
A selection of the best compositions of Russian and foreign showbiz stars. Only fashionable, contemporary music and world names. The collection, which will appeal to anyone who loves a great contemporary music. Make the sound louder and get a lot of positive emotions. Only the most famous and popular songs for you
Song lyric (19)
Rap lyrics of 2012, the Tone of Viva, Mr district, Oak Gayy, Bachelor party, Mikhail Krug
Best rock ballads (18)
A selection of beautiful powerful songs. Rock hard is not only the roar of the guitars and stunning melodies. Enjoy the best love ballads
Top 20 foreign hits of 2016 (15)
Sonic the best songs of this year. Only the coolest hits that bydi leaders of the charts in 2016
Songs from the TV series "Police with the ruble" (6)
A selection of songs that were heard in the popular new series "Police with the ruble". Listen to this cool soundtrack
Disco 2017 at Hit FM (8)
A collection of excellent contemporary dance music on Hit FM. Winter is not the time to be sad - it is necessary often to break away and dance
Top 20 Radio Record 2017 (14)
Collection of modern dance tracks that are constantly heard on Radio Record 2017. Great composition which you just do not want just to sit still. Evilities and enjoy contemporary rhythms. The best DJs spin their records for you. Selection for those who love to party and dance
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